Floor insulation? Is it worthy ?

The level of insulation is a crucial aspect of the EPC assessment and can significantly improve the energy consumption of the property and thus lowering your energy bills.

From the image posted, you can see that the walls and roof are responsible for most of the heat loss. So installing floor insulation will not lead to great EPC rating gains. In fact, only 1 point in most cases. So perhaps it is more effective to invest that money in another areas.

How to provide evidence of the insulation installed?

The government has certain rules when it comes to insulation evidence. There are a few options:

  1. If the insulation is visible, the EPC assessor can measure it and take a picture as evidence
  2. If the insulation is not visible, then there are documents that can be used as evidence. For example, building controls docs or a letter from the contractors stating where the insulation has been installed and its thickness would be sufficient. 
  3. As a last resort it may be possible to measure the insulation if a socket or spotlight is removed 

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