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EPC Certificate

At Energy Performance Solutions the satisfaction of the customer will always come first for us. Thus, we aim to achieve the best possible EPC rating for your property. Our experienced assessors will always go the extra mile and even gather any documentary evidence that may boost the energy rating of the property’s elements to be inspected. The key elements to be inspected are the heating systems, insulation, heating controls, windows, lighting, building fabric and heat loss. Following the inspection an EPC certificate will be issued where you can see the current and potential energy rating of the property after recommendations stated in the certificate are implemented. 

 EPC Consultancy

The EPC consultancy service is where we assess your property, and then provide a full range of energy efficiency improvements beyond the ones stated in the standard EPC certificate. It’s expert advice tailored to the clients’ goals before any works done. We can help you decide whether to install solar panels, change the heating system or where to apply insulation.

The aim is to achieve an EPC C rating or above in a cost-effective way; thus avoiding costly mistakes, such as installing insulation in combination with an inefficient heating system. We can test several options of energy improvements to determine which ones score better and which ones should be left out. This method allows the client to have control of the EPC score by selecting which energy improvements are more suitable, according to the client’s objectives and budget. 
Whether it is a full property refurbishment or just a few adjustments, this service is highly recommended for whoever wants to achieve an EPC C rating or higher at lower costs.

Case Study

For example, one of our clients had an EPC done on an end of terrace Victorian house, and according to the EPC certificate to improve the EPC rating from D to C, the landlord would need to insulate the walls and the floor, which would be very costly and cause great disturbance to the current tenants. However with our consultancy advice, the landlord only had to top up the loft insulation and change the heating controls to get to the C rating. The cost of the improvements in total was just around £400, as opposed to the thousands needed to insulate the walls and floor. 

The Benefits of the EPC Consultancy For Property Investors

We have specialist consultation advice for property investors and property deal sourcers. Energy Performance Solutions have helped many property investors with their refurbishment projects, and we can confidently say that our advice has increased their return on investment.  According to a report issued by Knight Frank, a property moving bands from D to C has a 3% increase on property value; as for a property moving from E to C as much as 8.8%. This is where our EPC consultation formula is crucial, as we can lower the costs of the works needed to improve the EPC rating, and as a result the profit margin increases. Here is the link to the Knight Frank’s article:https://www.knightfrank.com/research/article/2022-10-11-improving-your-epc-rating-could-increase-you...

EPC Certificate

Prices start from £55

EPC Consultancy 

Prices to be decided upon consultation

Other Services We Provide:

  • Gas Safety Certificate & Boiler Service
  • PAT Testing
  • Electrical Certificate (EICR)

Gas Safety Certificate

Electrical Certificate   (EICR)

Legionella Risk Assessments

Fuse Board Replacement & Electrical Repairs

Boiler Service & Repairs

Discounts available when services are booked as a package:

EPC + PAT Testing: £100
EPC + Legionella Risk Assessment: £120
£25 in savings compared to when booking these services separate