Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How long does it take to receive the EPC certificate?

- We aim to issue the certificate within 1 working day, provided that there is no need to wait for insulation evidence or any other information relevant to the EPC report. You will receive the EPC report via email. 

2) Where does the EPC assessor need access to on the day of inspection?

- The EPC assessor needs access to all the rooms, boiler, heating controls, loft (if applicable) and the electric meter.

3) How long is the EPC valid for?

- The EPC certificate lasts for 10 years. You can reuse the same epc certificate as many times as you like within this 10 year period.

4) Can the EPC assessor tell me the EPC rating on inspection?

- Unfortunately no. The assessor will know the score only after the EPC report is lodged on the EPC software. It is this software that rates the property. We aim to complete the report within a day. In some cases, it might take longer if the EPC assessor is waiting for documentary evidence, such as wall insulation documents. 

5) Does the EPC assessor need parking?

If the customer can provide parking, it would speed up the process. Otherwise, the EPC assessor will need to drive around to find a pay and display parking space. 

6) I have installed insulation but it is not visible. Can the insulation be added to the EPC report?

- Yes it can. The customer must provide documentary evidence to prove the insulation was installed. After the booking, the customer will receive a pre-inspection checklist which explains the documents accepted by the accreditation body. 

7) Can I market a property without a valid EPC ?

Ideally, the EPC should be ready before marketing a property. If not, sellers or landlords must have at least ordered an EPC at the point of marketing a property, and there is a grace period of 7 days for the EPC to be completed. It is a case of transparency, helping the prospective buyer or tenant to make an informed decision. You can find further guidance on the government site:

8) Can I choose a time slot for the inspection?

- Yes. We liaise the best date and time with the customer and try our best to accommodate the customer’s needs.We offer short time slots of 2h and call the customer 30min before arrival. 

9) Does an electric smart meter improve the EPC rating?

- The purpose of the smart meter is to give exact readings in real time as opposed to estimate readings. The electric meter can have an impact on the EPC rating if the main heating system is electric. But what is relevant is whether the meter is single or dual rate (has a night tariff). Smart meters are compatible with night tariff, which means cheaper electricity during certain times. For more information on smart meters, you can visit:

10) How long does the inspection take?

- The inspection takes approximately 30min. It can take less or longer than 30min depending on the size of the property. 

11) What is inspected by the EPC assessor?

- The EPC assessor inspects the heating system, type of glazing, lighting, insulation, building age and fabric and heat loss. Appliances such as oven, microwave or any heating that is not fixed will not be inspected.

12) The boiler is malfunctioning. Is this going to affect the EPC assessment?

- No. The EPC assessor identifies the heating system, the model and heating controls. As long as it is installed, it is recorded as a functional heating system. 

13) There is damp in the property. Is this going to affect the EPC rating?

- No. Damp or any other structural issues are not taken into account, nor can the assessor give advice on these issues. 

14) How does a low EPC rating affect the property?

- Firstly, a low EPC rating (any rating below D) means that the property is effectively wasting energy, releasing more CO2 into the atmosphere. Secondly, it is costly to heat the property and so the heating bills would be higher than a property that rates above D. Thirdly,  properties with a C rating or above have an increased market value. Therefore, it is highly recommended for property owners to book an EPC consultation, so that we can assess the property and suggest cost-effective improvements that can help the property achieve its best possible EPC rating.  

15) Can I fail an EPC?

- Yes. In the case of rental properties, anything below E rating is a fail. As for properties for sale any epc rating will be valid.