What is the minimum EPC rating for selling a property?

The good news for sellers is that there is no minimum EPC rating for selling a property. As long as the EPC certificate has not expired, sellers can sell their properties with any EPC rating. However, the bad news is that depending on the lender and type of mortgage, banks may not lend on a property with an EPC rating below E (so F or G), thus reducing the pool of potential buyers. In the case of buy-to-let mortgages, lenders will not lend on a property with an EPC rating F or G as it is illegal to rent a property with an EPC rating below E. In fact, buy-to-let lenders tend to ask for an EPC rating C. Another point is that a property with a low energy rating will give leverage to the buyer and he or she may ask for a discount on the asking price. According to a report issued by the estate agents Knight Frank, (https://www.knightfrank.com/research/article/2022-10-11-improving-your-epc-rating-could-increase-your-homes-value-by-up-to-20), the difference in value between a property with EPC rating E and C is as much as 8%. So if the works are not too costly, ideally a seller should aim to get the property to an EPC rating C. At Energy Performance Solutions, we offer an EPC consultancy service, consisting of finding out cost-effective ways to improve the EPC rating. For more information, just reach out to us:

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Daniel Pina